Inspire Empathy
Team in Ukraine
Evacuating our team
On February 24, 2022, President Putin invaded Ukraine, deploying over 100,000 Russian troops towards Ukrainian cities including Odessa and Kyiv, falsely claiming that Ukraine was governed by neo-Nazis who oppressed the ethnic Russian minority. Russia’s attack on Ukraine has changed the world. Snap was directly affected, as Ukraine is where we acquired and developed our lens technology. Ukrainian team members have always played an important role in Snap’s innovation and growth. Despite the devastation of full-scale war, today they remain at the heart of Snap’s augmented reality business. When the war began, over 300 members of our Ukrainian team were located in Kyiv and Odessa. Since then, Snap has worked to support voluntary relocation of more than half the team to other countries, while some have remained in Ukraine. Snap team members are also volunteering to support Ukraine through creative workshops with Ukrainian children and through office supply drives to donate critically needed materials to people in Ukraine and to refugees. Snap also partnered with CARE to launch a new Lens inviting Snapchatters to virtually plant a sunflower – the national flower of Ukraine, representing hope and peace – in solidarity with Ukraine.