Drive Accountability
Inclusion in Engineering
Inclusion in Engineering
In 2022, Snap’s Engineering leader, Jerry Hunter (now Snap’s COO) introduced DEI OKR Leadership Reviews. During 2022, Snap’s Engineering team achieved 75% of their engineering DEI goals. These goals focused on three key areas: product inclusion; attracting and retaining diverse talent; and embracing belonging and career growth of our internal team. Many of the programs we have today are due to a rigorous OKR commitment to planning, listening, and iterating. Success has been driven by greater accountability.  

As one business leader wrote in
The essence of accountability isn’t about punishing mistakes. It’s about giving everyone the opportunity to set goals and find success in a transparent way with the support of your entire team. Being held accountable is a gift. Effective business leaders incorporate positive accountability as part of their daily practice. When done right, it fosters a culture where individuals help each other perform better, while building trust and loyalty.”
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