Diversity Annual Report
Inspire Empathy
Building Empathy
DEI Learning Collection
Led by our Learning & Development (L&D) Team, this includes a journey through multiple courses on understanding unconscious bias and allyship. The collection provides learning around actionable ally skills, as well as how to navigate difficult conversations related to our identity. Snap asks team members and managers to explore these resources at their own pace, and offers opportunities for entire teams to join live facilitated workshops. Many teams have also taken the initiative to schedule curated sessions to discuss their own unique experiences around how unconscious bias, power dynamics, and identity come into play in working relationships. Our goal is to create a culture of psychological safety that sparks creativity and innovation.
Council Program: listen from the heart
Council is a listening practice that invites participants to share their stories with each other as a way to connect and create community. It’s a fundamental part of our culture and a core component of our DEI strategy, providing structured time led by an experienced facilitator where team members can listen and better understand colleagues from across the company. The Council Team provides opportunities for team members to meet in a variety of settings, and incorporates activities designed to foster creativity and community engagement. Council cultivates the kind of bonds that contribute to an environment where people feel more connected to each other which, research shows, can lead to higher retention rates. The feedback we’ve received demonstrates that Council is successfully helping us scale empathy across boundaries, whether along lines of race, gender, LGBTQ+ status, disability, age, socio-economic status, parental and caregiver status, veteran status and more and more. This program is unique to Snap, and we have developed a training program — Dandelion — to invest in underrepresented talent leading this practice.
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