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Supplier Diversity
Supplier diversity and strategic sourcing
In last year’s Diversity Annual Report, we committed to doubling our spend with diverse suppliers from $15 million to $30 million by 2025. We’ve already achieved this goal, spending over $30 million in 2022 alone with diverse suppliers. In 2022, we focused on outreach efforts to ensure Snap’s databases are up-to-date and to share information about our program with our suppliers.
We conducted a supplier outreach project in the summer of 2022, an initiative to reach out to all of Snap’s diverse suppliers and request that they self-report their diversity classifications and upload their certifications directly in our Supplier Portal (Oracle). Looking ahead, the Strategic Sourcing team is collaborating with the Workplace Experience team to begin capturing Tier 2 diverse suppliers, which are subcontractors/suppliers that work under Snap’s direct suppliers. The team is also incorporating supplier outreach efforts into their supplier sourcing (Request for Proposals) and contract renewals processes to capture this information and continue to encourage self-reporting in Oracle. Finally, the team will be working on enriching our diversity reporting to reflect certified versus non-certified suppliers.
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