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2022 DEI Innovation Summit
In November 2022, Snap held its annual DEI Innovation Summit, a one-day virtual event created to inspire leaders in tech to build a more equitable industry. The summit focused on recommendations from the ACT Report and fostered a cross-industry approach to transform DEI outcomes across workforce, culture, and products. This year, seven leaders from Snap plus 18 industry leaders from Google, Uber, Spotify, LinkedIn, and more shared DEI best practices. Speakers also included the actors Geena Davis and Keke Palmer. One particularly inspiring conversation was with the late global disability rights advocate Judy Heumann. She highlighted lessons learned in the disability rights movement, how the tech industry can raise the bar on inclusivity, and what we can all do to build a more accessible future. Speaker engagement was up 22% year-over-year, with 41 speakers total. We also saw tremendous positive sentiment online, keeping most viewers engaged for 2+ hours of content and earning a 95% satisfaction rate from attendees who completed our post-summit survey (60% of those who completed the post-Summit survey watched 3+ hours of content).
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