Diversity Annual

Report 2023

Our public commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion

Letter from Evan, Oona & Arun
In last year’s Diversity Annual Report we noted “it is likely to get harder before it gets easier.” But we couldn't imagine how hard it would get, and how different the world would be. The war in Ukraine and economic uncertainty combined in a perfect storm, leaving the tech industry — including Snap — facing extraordinary headwinds. This different world shaped the questions we asked in 2022: how do we operationalize DEI with fewer resources, set against a more challenging backdrop? How do we embed DEI at the heart of our business, while our business sharpens its focus on essentials? What are critical DEI priorities to protect? Making DEI a business imperative requires a paradigm shift in thinking. Instead of asking “what DEI tasks should we add to our urgent to-do list?” we must continue to ask “how do we introduce a DEI lens to all our work?”
Our 2023 Report tells the story of our DEI work. We hope that sharing our successes and setbacks helps others struggling with similar challenges. Just because no company has solved the DEI dilemma doesn’t make it impossible. But 2022 taught us that we must continuously reimagine our business in a different world.
Our Strategy
This report lays out the key initiatives we are focused on to further inspire empathy, redesign systems, and drive accountability.
Our Workforce Data
Snap’s workforce data for 2022 includes team member representation, hiring, and attrition data. We know that building an inclusive culture isn't only about who we hire, but also about who we retain.
Our 2025 Goals
  • Increase underrepresented U.S. racial and ethnic groups to 20%
  • Increase women in tech roles to 25%
  • Increase women, and U.S. racial and ethnic groups by 30% in leadership*
*This goal is to increase women in leadership by 30% and U.S. racial and ethnic groups by 30%. Asians are included in our racial and ethnic group leadership goal.