Diversity at Snap

Our public commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion

Seeing the world differently

Our Strategy

We believe that when we can see the world from other people’s perspectives, we come to understand why DEI is so essential. We are then inspired to take action and become personally invested in creating meaningful change.

Inspire Empathy

Storytelling has enormous power to seed and scale empathy.

Redesign Systems

Transforming our industry requires incorporating a DEI lens into everything we do.

Drive Accountability

Using data to drive equity the way we do for every other business imperative.

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Our 2025 Goals

We remain committed to our goals set for 2025.¹

stat 20%

Increase Underrepresented* US racial & ethnic groups to 20%

stat 25%

Increase Women in Tech roles to 25%


Increase Women in Leadership by 30%


Increase Underrepresented groups* (US) in Leadership by 30%


 Increase Asians in Leadership (US) by 30%

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1 In this report, we define “underrepresented U.S. racial & ethnic groups” as Black, Hispanic/Latinx, Indigenous, Middle Eastern/North African/Arab and Multiple Races.