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Gender Pay Gap
Gender Pay Gap
The United Kingdom (UK) Government Equalities Office requires all employers with more than 250 Snap team members in the UK to calculate and report on their Gender Pay Gap (GPG). The GPG is different from the concept of equal pay for equal work; it instead calculates the aggregated difference between what men and women earn, based on their hourly average earnings. 

This year we have seen improvements in our UK GPG, with the gaps closing compared to last year. This, in part, reflects the positive movements we have seen in increasing the number of women in leadership roles through both hiring and internal promotions. However, we’re still not where we want to be and are focusing on four key areas to continue to close this gap: inclusive hiring, internal talent nurturing, building an inclusive culture and enhancing inclusive workplace benefits. Our 2022 UK GPG report sets out more detail of our pay gaps, as well as our activities against these four priority areas.
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