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Global Identity Study
Snapchatters’ Global Identity Study
In 2022, Snap commissioned a global identity study of Snapchatters in 13 countries. The study, undertaken by research firm Kresnicka Research & Insights, established identity profiles in each market based on demographics and sentiment, and identified which dimensions of identity Snapchatters found most salient and wanted to see represented more frequently on Snapchat. The study revealed that, in a majority of markets, Snapchatters are more diverse than the general populations. For example, around 20% or more of daily Snapchatters identify as LGBTQ+. The study showed that, around the world, Snapchatters are most concerned with mental health, bullying, and equality. When it comes to their sense of self, many Snapchatters experience a disconnect between the way they see themselves and the way society sees them – including their values, skills, and character. The insights from this study have already led Snap to set content representation targets for our 2023 OKRs. We also plan to use these insights to connect our advertising, marketing, and media partners closer to Snapchatters and invite them to help us better serve our diverse community. 
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