Diversity Annual Report
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Self-ID Data: A more inclusive data set
Self-ID Data: A more inclusive data set
In 2020 we began collecting Self-ID data, which provides a more inclusive and robust picture of our team. This allows us to capture non-binary gender data, as well as other facets of identity that go far beyond race and gender. For example our Self-ID data provides a fascinating picture of how many team members at Snap are first generation students (the first in their family to go to college or university in different countries) - ranging from 41% in Australia to 24.9% in the US. 

Other data includes how many team members are LGBTQ+; how many are neurodiverse or live with a mental or physical disability; how many are parents or caregivers; how many are serving or have served in the military; and how many speak a language other than English as their first language. For the full data set see the Self-ID section within our Data Charts section. Our Self-ID survey now extends to markets covering 93% of our workforce: Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Netherlands, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, and the US. The DEI Self-ID Survey is voluntary, and 82% of all surveyed team members responded.
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