A More Inclusive Data Set
In 2022, we conducted Snap’s DEI Self-ID survey across 93% of our workforce, covering Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Netherlands, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, and the US. The purpose of the survey is to enable team members to self-identify with a more inclusive data set beyond race/ethnicity and gender. The DEI Self-ID Survey is voluntary, and 82% of all surveyed team members responded. These results are representative of those who completed the survey.
Are members of the
LGBTQ+ community
Are transgender
Are neurodiverse or living with a mental illness and/or disability*
Are living with a physical disability*
Are currently serving or previously served in a military organization
Are first-generation
college graduates
Are parents
Provide regular care for someone other than a child
speak a first language other than English
1 Representations of mental illness or neurodiversity disability and physical disability are non-additive, as some team members have reported living with both types of disabilities.
2 'Europe' is a combination of Self-ID responses from our team members in France, Germany and the Netherlands. Responses from our UK team members, are not included in the 'Europe' category, but instead reported out separately as they were in our 2022 DAR.