Adopting a Growth Mindset

Snap’s leadership remains committed to the work of making our company and industry a place where everyone belongs.

Last year we acknowledged the extraordinary headwinds faced by the tech industry and the world. In 2023, DEI headwinds intensified on a tide of economic uncertainty that has made it more difficult to create the capacity to carry out this work. But despite these near-term challenges, the need to prioritize inclusion remains compelling. Whether it’s Snapchatters demanding products to meet their diverse needs, or the desire to reach new and different markets, we know DEI is critical for long-term growth. We’ve seen how hiring great, diverse talent helps improve our business performance. That’s why Snap remains committed to continuing the journey set out in our first 2020 DAR. 

While a challenging economic environment has meant teams across our business, including our DEI team, have been reduced in size, we continue to ask all teams to bring a DEI lens to their work. This is the approach outlined in the ACT Report (Action to Catalyze Tech Report) which calls on the entire tech industry to take a “business approach to inclusion and a more inclusive approach to business.”

This year, Snap is focused on continuing to improve workforce representation, particularly within leadership — and we will double down on those efforts. With our ongoing work, we aim to deepen our commitment to cultivating diverse leaders who bring dynamic perspectives, ideas, and talent to Snap. In Snap’s 2024 Report, you’ll find inspiring stories of how our team members prioritized DEI in their own ways, positioning our company for ongoing success—and a stronger future.

Evan Spiegel

Co-founder and CEO

Evan Spiegel Signature

Arun Batra

Senior Director, DEI

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Maureen Ufomadu

Senior Manager, DEI

1 Snap’s DEI strategy is built around three interlocking pillars: Inspiring Empathy, Redesigning Systems, and Driving Accountability. You can read more about our journey to these three pillars in our past DARs - 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023.