Inspire Empathy

Empathy sparks action: This section showcases examples of how empathy can inspire new perspectives and tangible business impact.

ERG Highlights

Our ERGs amplified the lived experiences of their communities through short form media and Snap AR—giving a voice to historically marginalized communities.

Discover Tiles Yasmin 2 - Paul Sabas

Snap Out Loud

Snapchat is a platform that celebrates authenticity. That’s why our team created an AR experience to spotlight the different communities who share the LGBTQIA umbrella. Led by SnapPride, this Snap Show educates Snapchatters about the meaning of LGBTQIA, and celebrates the people who make up the community. Snapchatters were welcomed into seven separate spaces, denoted by the letters of the acronym, to explore each world. 25 million unique users were reached across 11 countries and the lens was shared one million times.

womens day -paris activation UI

8 Mars 8 Femmes

In France, only 10% of statues in public spaces honor female figures. SnapWomen partnered with the Sales and AR Studio team in Paris to launch an AR activation on International Women’s Day 2023 across 8 major cities. Called 8 Mars 8 femmes, or 8th of March, 8 women, the activation featured female AR statues next to male ones to celebrate great women in history who were never given appropriate credit for their impact. These AR statues are permanently activated, and honor Josephine Baker, Olympe de Gouges, Manon Tardon, Hubertine Auclert, Simone Veil, Françoise de Graffigny, Élisabeth Vigée Le Brun, and Simone de Beauvoir. The initiative received widespread media coverage in France. Snap’s AR Studio team was honored to win the global Drum Award for Marketing for their outstanding creativity.

Ode to Noir

Ode to Noir

This short film by SnapNoir EMEA amplifies the stories and culture of Black team members. It explores the unique experiences of SnapNoir members, revealing cultural richness, what they’ve learned, and how to expand a sense of belonging for underrepresented groups. The film was used throughout the year for events such as Black History Month in the UK and Afrotech to share what it’s like to be Black at Snap. Click here to watch the Ode to Noir film.

Real Stories, Real Talk

This year, we took storytelling to the next level, finding new ways to connect people with each other’s experiences and create a sense of shared purpose around DEI.


The Big IDEA is a company-wide storytelling and conversation series where team members share candid, compelling, and deeply personal stories on issues such as race, class, and mental health with their colleagues. This year, we shifted the format from hour-long conversations to short, impactful videos. We also broadened our lens to capture new nuanced perspectives within our company and explore what it means to create spaces where everyone can thrive, just as they are.

English as a Second Language

Team members share the experience of working for a global company when English is your second language.

At Snap, DEI is Everyone's Job

Sharing the impact that individual contributions have to the collective DEI story.

Real Stories, Real Talk

Sharing the lived experiences of Snap team members across underrepresented groups.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Highlighting Snap AR through the lens of underrepresented stories.

Monumental Perspectives (LACMA) Final Year

LACMA × Snapchat: Monumental Perspectives Collection III

For the third year, we've partnered with the Los Angeles County Museum of Art on LACMA x Snapchat: Monumental Perspectives, which brings together artists and technologists to use AR to create virtual monuments that explore the history of Los Angeles communities. We aim to engage with each community represented within the initiative, bringing them into the project, and supporting larger community goals. The project will be available at sites throughout LA and also accessible globally by searching in Lens Explorer and LACMA’s website. We hosted a free day at LACMA on September 10th featuring a Giant World AR Mirror and talks with the creators, workshops, dancing and more for over 8,000 attendees.