Redesign Systems

To fully incorporate DEI into our entire ecosystem, we must redesign the systems that underpin all of our work, from talent to product. In this section, we’ll see a team exploring trends in AR, a team that has successfully redesigned how we hire, and a cross-functional effort that shows how embedding equity into systems can benefit the business.

Inclusive Hiring

To build a workforce that is truly diverse, equitable, and inclusive, we need to transform the hiring process from the very beginning.

Advanced Inclusive Hiring Plan

In Q1 2023 Snap launched our "Advanced Inclusive Hiring Plan" (AIHP). The program redesigned our hiring process to be more inclusive, and to ensure that the talent we interview is more balanced across different communities. The program aims to create a diverse candidate pool when a new role is opened and ensure that there are underrepresented candidates at each stage of the interview process. Our recruiting and IDEA leadership teams share progress on IHP in quarterly reviews to maintain accountability. There has been a notable increase in the diverse representation of candidates presented to hiring managers. We have seen that by increasing the diverse representation of candidates presented to hiring managers, we can improve the possibility of hiring a candidate that identifies as part of an underrepresented group. 

Diversity in AR Content

Ensuring that AR accurately reflects the experiences of all people is essential to our business.

Research on underrepresented groups engagement with AR

The Snap Research and Insights team commissioned a study with Omnicom Media Group to gather insights on the long-term implications of Augmented Reality (AR). One of the findings in the study showed that underrepresented groups are excited about AR. However, they are less likely than majority groups to see themselves and their communities represented in AR experiences. There's a significant business opportunity to ensure that we have AR experiences that more closely represent our community’s values, ethics, culture, and likeness.


Using Snap AR to touch the full range of global audiences is a winning business strategy.

Women’s World Cup AR

For the FIFA 2023 Women’s World Cup, Snap launched AR activations including a range of lenses, Spotlight Challenges, Map Activations, World Cup Bitmoji gear, and player appearances. The 10 packaged shows in the US received nearly 20 million unique viewers. The related augmented reality activations had a unique reach of 16 million users with 45 million total impressions, and the Spotlight content had 125 million views. This cross-functional initiative is an ideal demonstration of how DEI can help increase revenue, drive engagement and make strides in AR.