Diversity Data

Data is an essential component of our DEI strategy, helping us to see where are and where we want to go.

2023 Data Highlights

Measuring our progress keeps us accountable for meeting our goals.


The representation of URGs in the US increased this year (+0.6pp to 16.8%), although we remain slightly below our 2021 representation (17.4%). 


The representation of Women at Snap globally continues to increase YoY, now at 36.3% (+0.7pp).


23% of our US hires were URGs (+0.8pp). This increase was driven by hiring of URG Men (+2.2pp to 14.9%) whilst fewer of our 2023 hires were URG Women (-1.1pp to 7.9%).


33.7% of global Leaders at Snap are Women, our highest representation and strongest YoY growth (+4.6pp) since 2020. We are now close to our goal of 34.5%.


12.5% of Leaders in the US are URGs (-1.3pp), similar to 2021 levels. Around ⅓ of URG Leaders are Women.


7.7% of our US Leadership hires this year were URGs (-9.6pp). 40.5% of our Leadership hires globally were Women, our strongest year and largest YoY improvement (+9.9pp) since 2020.

Technical roles

We’ve made some growth in the representation of Women in Tech this year (+0.5pp to 21.7%) but remain below our goal of 25%.

Technical roles

We’ve seen small growth in the representation of Black (+0.4pp to 2.8%) and Hispanic / Latinx (+0.2pp to 5.2%) team members in Tech. The representation of Multiracial team members has reduced (-0.5pp to 3.2%) and there has been no change for other URGs.

Technical roles

20.3% of our Tech hires globally were Women (-2.3pp) and 17.1% of our US Tech hires this year were URGs (+1.5pp).

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