A More Inclusive Data Set

Snap’s DEI Self-ID survey is available to 93% of our workforce, covering Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Netherlands, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, and the US. The purpose of the survey is to enable team members to self-identify with a more inclusive data set beyond race/ethnicity, and gender. The DEI Self-ID survey is voluntary, and 86% of all surveyed team members responded. These results are representative of those who completed the survey.
Are neurodiverse or living with a mental illness and/or disability*
Physical Disability
Are living with a physical disability*
Are first-generation
college graduates
Are parents
Provide regular care for someone other than a child
Speak a first language other than English
1 Representations of mental illness or neurodiversity disability and physical disability are non-additive, as some team members have reported living with both types of disabilities.
2 'Europe' is a combination of Self-ID responses from our team members in France, Germany and the Netherlands. Responses from our UK team members are not included in the 'Europe' category, but instead reported out separately.