Employee Resource Groups

Our Employee Resource Groups are created and led by members of the Snap Inc. family. They empower us to come together to celebrate a common cause, raise awareness, encourage advocacy, and refine our approach to recruiting.


SnapAbility brings together a community of people who identify as persons with disability and allies/guardians/advocates. We aim to promote empathy, respect, and kindness around mental and physical disabilities and varying physical differences, and provide support in the community to empower each other through our abilities. We also aim to extend empathy to our users by being mindful of how our products are accessible for people from all walks of life.


SnapAsia is a community for people from Asian countries and the Pacific Islands that shares their experiences and challenges, represents Asian heritages, promotes cultural understanding, enjoys an authentic sense of belonging, and motivates our members to advance personally and professionally here at Snap.


SnapFamilia celebrates the diversity of perspectives and lived experiences within Hispanic and Latinx/é communities. We work to increase our community’s visibility and advancement in the corporate environment at Snap, and foster partnerships with external organizations that serve our globally dispersed team and propel Snap’s corporate ambition. We seek to make Snap a place where Hispanic/Latinx/é employees feel they belong, and empower our members to push for cultural change in the tech industry at large.


SnapKaleidoscope aims to provide employees in offices outside of LA the opportunity to build a grassroots foundation for diversity and inclusion, unique to their local office culture.


SnapNoir brings together the African diaspora and allies at Snap to foster a community of fellowship and a safe space. It aims to provide a forum for fostering cultural understanding, diversity, and social impact for people of the African diaspora at Snap and in the community.


SnapParents is here for all parents and caregivers by providing support and guidance, encouraging work/life balance and self care, and shedding light on the unique challenges working parents face.


SnapPride celebrates the diversity of gender identity, gender expression, sexuality, and sexual identity. We hold community for team members living any kind of LGBTQIA2S+ experience, and we welcome supportive allies. We aim to center LGBTQIA2S+ identity, uplift trans and QBIPOC voices, and increase understanding and awareness through queer-centric initiatives.


SnapShalom is a space for Jewish team members at Snapchat to come together, celebrate Jewish Heritage, and support and advocate for the internal community, using Snap’s products, and in the greater community.


SnapSWANA unites its members together in professional community-regardless of religious or political belief, to promote the social and moral culture of SouthWest Asia and North Africa, to stimulate one another in professional and intellectual growth, and to learn from and serve the broader Southwest Asian and North African community so that we may drive human progress forward through Snapchat in an inclusive and empowering way.


SnapVets actively engages our proud global community of military veterans, reservists, family members and allies who support and encourage one another through shared experiences, volunteer activities, recruitment events, professional development opportunities, and long term retention. Through the work of our ERG we hope to continue our strong value of service and positively represent the Snap team. 


SnapWomen supports, empowers, and advances women at Snap. That means workshops, outreach to women in need, and bringing the Snap community together to explore issues facing women today.