Diversity Annual Report
Letter from Evan and Oona
Last year we shared our ambition to change hearts and minds to deliver Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). This year we aspire to fully operationalize our DEI ambition. It’s easy to dream big, but much harder to bring big dreams to life.
After the emotional outpouring following George Floyd’s murder, when the world was forced to witness racism and inequity, we now have a difficult question to answer: How do we inspire teams to tackle deep societal problems over the long haul when even hard work doesn’t bring immediate results?
The answer is multifaceted, but we believe it can be found in part through culture, accountability, and sparking intrinsic motivation. We know DEI is a marathon without a finish line. To drive systemic change we need tools, inspiration, expertise, and incentives to stay in the race.
So, how are we doing? 

When it comes to our workforce representation goals, we’re still falling short. This report is not an attempt to put a glossy sheen on our numbers. It is an honest acknowledgement of where we are, where we’re trying to go, and how we plan to get there. We also know that the issues we are addressing aren’t unique to Snap, but rather have become endemic to the tech industry. With that recognition, in January 2020, we began convening a coalition of leading DEI experts from academia and business to create a new blueprint for tech companies to take bold, collective action. In 2021, this coalition released the Action to Catalyze Tech (ACT) Report. Over 30 CEOs and executives from leading tech companies signed on.
Our long-term DEI strategy — built around empathy, systems design, and accountability — draws on many elements of the ACT Report. We know Rome wasn’t built in a day, but we also can’t wait years to deliver results. That’s why we marry urgency and ambition with realism about where we are. We also know it is likely to get harder before it gets easier. Although our results don't always reflect our enormous efforts, we’re not giving up — instead, we’re doubling down to make Snap more inclusive and accountable. In addition to our efforts at Snap, we want to contribute positively to the technology industry as a whole.
Thank you for taking an interest in our story and our ongoing work to make our company and our industry more equitable.
Evan Spiegel
Co-founder and CEO
Oona King
VP, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

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1Culture governs our behavior, while consequence (robust accountability) and conscience (intrinsic motivation) determine our priorities.