Drive Accountability
What's the story?
Accountability is a prerequisite to driving improved DEI outcomes. Like any other business priority, DEI needs well-defined goals, governance systems, deadlines, and data to track and measure success against DEI outcomes. In other words DEI must be built into how we do business. In this section we look at Snap’s efforts to hold our team members, especially leadership, accountable for ensuring DEI isn’t just an add-on. Instead, by making it part of a company’s business strategy, it will be subject to the same scrutiny as other core business functions. But imposing metrics alone can become a box-checking exercise that doesn’t necessarily lead to lasting change. It's critical to understand that accountability must start with self. You cannot delegate DEI. Fundamentally it requires personal leadership, because DEI is everyone’s job.
Who are the people?

I've never been part of an executive team where the CEO and leadership team commit so much time and energy on DEI. Does that mean we're where we need to be? No, we have a ways to go. Are we gonna get there? DEI is a long game, we're making progress and with continued commitment I believe we can get there.
Kenny Mitchell (he/him)
Chief Marketing Office
In 2022, what worked was improving accountability and governance structures to drive DEI objectives. What worked was inviting senior leadership to develop departmentally focused DEI goals and objectives, with advice from the IDEA team, and providing insights with org-level data.  What didn’t work was expecting departmental change without ensuring each business org had a senior manager project managing DEI work. Another approach that doesn’t work is when different departments pursue unrelated DEI efforts that fail to ladder up to company-wide DEI objectives. Instead we want more wood behind fewer arrows so we have a greater chance to hit the target.

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