Diversity Annual Report
Drive Accountability
Our Approach
Too often, accountability is treated as a compliance mechanism, which can foster a negative understanding of DEI. At Snap we view DEI accountability as much more than compliance. Instead, it bridges the gap between intrinsically and extrinsically motivated individuals. In other words we cannot rely solely on individuals who are passionate about DEI (intrinsically motivated). Beyond passion, we need strategy, tools, expertise and metrics to guide progress.
We need robust accountability to support extrinsically motivated team members. But the paradigm shift required to prioritize equity takes time to embed and take root. We continue to open up new channels, tools, and opportunities for all team members to move the needle on DEI.
We know that data-informed decision-making is a cornerstone of a successful accountability strategy. In alignment with the ACT Report, we strengthened our own DEI data and reporting mechanisms to make people data more accessible for senior leaders. We also expanded our Self-ID Survey to Australia and Canada, and increased our overall Self-ID Survey response rate from 75% to 86%. Snap’s Self-ID Survey gives us an inclusive and rich dataset, including insights on non-binary gender identity, disability, first generation student status, and languages spoken. The data is used to design inclusion programs that can promote equitable workplace outcomes. These data insights are also reviewed in-depth quarterly with executives, and supplemented with monthly DEI OKR reviews with DEI leads from each part of the business.
Greater accountability within individual companies should also be accelerated by new forms of industry-wide accountability. That’s why the ACT Report establishes a new industry entity for participating companies. 
To ensure the findings of the ACT Report reached a wide audience, Snap hosted the inaugural DEI Innovation Summit on Nov 3, 2021. This brought together company CEOs and leaders, DEI experts and advocates to discuss how to work as an industry to put the ACT Report’s recommendations into action. The summit had over 20,000 viewers and included 19 companies and 32 speakers. Like the other tech companies that signed the ACT Report, we know we have our work cut out to implement all of the report’s key recommendations.
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