Diversity Annual Report
Snap’s Strategy
By focusing on how the three pillars of our DEI strategy work in concert, we are starting to make progress.

We laid out our comprehensive strategy with goals, to drive the change needed to live up to that promise within our company, our products, and our larger ecosystem of partners and vendors.
Inspire Empathy
We will continue to inspire empathy through storytelling, using Augmented Reality (AR) as a powerful tool to bring underrepresented voices to life. AR combines the power of computing with what we see and experience in the real world, allowing us to bring new perspectives or previously untold stories to life in highly immersive ways. For example, following fierce debates during the summer of 2020 about statues that erased Black British history in the UK, we wanted to use AR as a tool for inclusion – especially when our research found that British people admitted not knowing enough about Black history. That’s why we partnered with the Black Cultural Archives (BCA) and others to create a local Lens that aims to educate Snapchatters about untold Black History through an AR experience at London's Trafalgar Square.
Redesign Systems
We will further redesign our product and content development systems to maximize inclusion and work with partners who share our commitment. Our goal is to be the industry leader in inclusive and equitable on-and off-camera representation in Original Programming. For example, our Snap Originals division is making a public commitment to do business with production partners who are committed to reaching the following goal by 2025: 50% of all Snap Originals leads, hosts, showrunners, above the line talent, below the line crew, and production company owners or leaders are women and/or people from historically underrepresented backgrounds* (Equity Partnership Pledge). We know that we can’t make meaningful change on or behind the camera on our own, so we’ll strive to work with partners that share our values and commitment to DEI. We’re excited that more than 10 of Snap Originals production partners have also publicly committed to the Equity Partnership Pledge, including Unanimous Media, Bunim Murray Productions, Eagle Vision, and Maven. To that end, we were honored to receive NAACP Image Award nominations for two Originals’ series: Life by the Horns and Two Sides: Unfaithful. Ultimately, we hope to set a high bar that the broader entertainment industry will be inspired to meet.
*"Historically underrepresented backgrounds” includes people from underrepresented racial/ethnic groups, people with disabilities, and members of the LGBTQ+ community.
Drive Accountability
We will create a more accountable “ownership” culture of DEI across our entire team, with better resources and tools to empower individuals to do their part. We know we can’t just proclaim “DEI is everyone’s job” without providing the right tools and meeting team members where they are. That’s why we are significantly scaling our DEI learning and development programming, while making it more specialized so teams can understand and address the specific issues they face. For example, we are expanding a cohort-based training approach for groups such as hiring managers, DEI business leads, people managers, and leaders. Additionally this year we have put a more rigorous accountability framework in place to track and measure DEI Objectives & Key Results, using a similar methodology to set goals across all our business. We know that we cannot improve what we don’t measure. We continue to scale our learning and competency about what we learn from this data to improve our workforce representation.
We will accelerate collaborative DEI work. Just as we want more accountable DEI ownership in our company, we want the same in our industry. We know from experience how hard it can be to get DEI right. That’s why we aim to open-source DEI tools across the tech industry and beyond to help both established companies as well as start-ups. We are doing this in 2022 by creating the Tech Equity Accountability Mechanism in partnership with the Aspen Institute and the Business for Social Responsibility (BSR).

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