Diversity Annual Report
Top Line Data
Snap’s workforce data for 2021 includes team member representation, hiring, and attrition data.
  • Overall, the percentage of women at Snap increased from 32.8% to 34.9%. 
  • Black representation increased slightly from 4.9% to 5.2%.
  • Middle Eastern/North African/Arab representation also increased slightly from 2.4% to 2.6%.
  • Representation for Snap’s Multiracial and Indigenous populations stayed the same at 5.3% and .2%, respectively.
  • White representation decreased from 46.6% to 42.3%.
  • We saw a 2.5pp (percentage points) increase in Asian men in Director+ roles.
  • We also saw an increase of 1.1pp in Middle Eastern/North African/Arab representation in Director+ roles. 
  • The percentage of women in Director+ roles slightly increased from 26.3% to 26.5% this year. 
  • The percentage of Black representation in Director+ roles decreased from 3% to 2.1%.
Technical Roles
  • Representation of women in Tech People Manager roles went up by 2pp. 
  • Representation of men in Tech Director+ roles increased by 2.1pp.
  • Representation of Black women in Tech Director+ roles decreased to 0%.
  • Asian, Hispanic/Latinx and Multiple Races women remain at 0% in Tech Director+ roles.
Non-technical roles:
  • 20.4% of the Non-Tech workforce identifies as Black, Hispanic/Latinx or Indigenous.
  • Representation of women in Non-Tech People Manager roles went up by 4.6pp to 50.6%. 
  • At the Director+ level, representation of women in Non-Tech roles increased  to 32.5%.
  • Indigenous representation in Non-Tech Director+ roles slightly decreased from 1.1% to 1%. 
  • There continues to be 0% representation of Indigenous or Middle Eastern/North African/Arab populations in Non-Tech VP+ roles.
  • Hiring of women increased by 5.4pp to 38.9%.
  • Hiring of Asian team members increased by 4pp to 41.4%.
  • Hiring of Hispanic/Latinx team members increased from 6.2% to 9%.
  • Hiring of Black team members decreased from 9.2% to 6.6%.
  • Men are attriting at lower rates than women and non-binary team members.
  • The attrition rate of women at Snap has increased YoY driven primarily by an increase in attrition of Women in non-technical roles.
  • Team members in Non-Tech roles are attriting at higher rates than those in Tech roles.

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