Top Line Data
Snap’s workforce data for 2022 includes team member representation, hiring, and attrition data.
  • The percentage of women at Snap globally has increased from 34.9% to 35.6%.
  • Representation of underrepresented racial groups (URGs) in the U.S. workforce has decreased to 16.2% (-1.2pp).
  • Representation of women in Director+ roles at Snap has increased to 29.1% (+2.6pp).
  • The U.S. Director+ population continues to become more racially diverse (Asian, Black and Multiracial representation has increased).
  • The representation of Hispanic/Latinx (+0.6pp to 5.0%), Middle Eastern/ North African/ Arab (+0.3pp) and Asian (+6.6pp to 31.1%) among U.S. People Managers has increased.
  • The representation of Hispanic/Latinx women (+0.8pp to 2.3%) and Asian women (+2.1pp to 7.9%) among U.S. People Managers has increased, but decreased among Black women (-0.5pp).
  • The representation of Asian men (+4.6pp to 23.1%) and Middle Eastern/ North African/ Arab men (+0.5pp) has increased among U.S. People Managers.
Technical Roles
  • Representation of women in Tech increased YoY since 2020 and is now at 21.2% (+1.6pp).
  • The representation of women People Managers has also increased YoY (+2.0pp in 2021 and +2.9pp in 2022) to 16.2%.
  • 32.4% of Tech Director+ are Asian in the U.S. (+14.0pp).
  • The representation of Asian women (+1.3pp to 14.3%) and White women (+0.8pp to 5%) in Tech in the U.S. has increased.
  • There has been little change in the representation of Hispanic/Latinx women (+0.2pp) and Black women in Tech.
Non-Technical Roles
  • In the U.S., Asian representation in Non-Tech roles has increased to 16.9% (+1.9pp), whilst Black representation has decreased to 7.5% (-1.7pp).
  • There has been little change in the representation of URGs in Non-Tech roles.
  • In the U.S., 14.9% of People Managers are Asian (+4.0pp) and 7.5% are Hispanic/Latinx (+1.4pp). There has been a decrease in Black (-0.4pp) and Multiracial representation (-0.6pp).
  • 37.4% of Director+ in Non-Tech roles are women (+4.9pp).
  • Globally in 2022, women accounted for 37.6% of hires (-1.3pp), 30.6% of Director+ hires (-7.6pp) and 22.6% of all Tech hires (-1.3pp).
  • In 2022, 22.2% of U.S. hires were URGs (-2.3pp), 9.2% were Hispanic/Latinx (+0.2pp), 4.9% were Multiracial (-0.8pp) and 5% were Black (-1.6pp).
  • Hiring representation of URGs into U.S. Director+ roles has increased.
  • There is now little difference in attrition rates of men (0.99) and women (1.01) (where 1 equals the average attrition rate at Snap).
  • Attrition of women in Tech roles (0.83) is lower than men in Tech (0.93) and women in Non-Tech (1.11) (where 1 equals the average attrition for Snap).
  • Relative attrition rates of URG team members increased in Tech, whilst it decreased in Non-Tech roles.